Cedar Park’s Domain: The Next Big Thing in Austin, Texas Metro

Cedar Park is gearing up for a transformative project that promises to be a game-changer for the region. The Indigo Ridge development, a massive $1.5 billion investment spread over 155 acres, is set to become a premier destination, rivaling Austin’s Domain and enhancing Cedar Park’s profile. Situated off East Whitestone Boulevard (FM 1431) and Sam Bass Road, this ambitious project is designed to blend urban convenience with natural beauty, creating a unique living and recreational space.

The project, spearheaded by Austin-based Capella Commercial LLC, received crucial approvals from the Kyle City Council on June 18. Known as “Project Two Step,” this development is set to feature up to 350 multifamily units, 24 townhomes, and over 150,000 square feet of commercial and office space. Additionally, the project will include private parkland open to the public, rooftop pickleball courts, and a dog park, making it a comprehensive living and recreational hub.

Construction for Indigo Ridge will occur in multiple phases, each preserving the area’s natural greenery. The development is designed to offer 1.7 million square feet of office space, 240,000 square feet of retail offerings, residential options, and 440,000 square feet dedicated to hotel space. The inclusion of 40 outdoor tennis courts, 8 indoor tennis courts, and a stadium court underscores the project’s commitment to sports and recreation, making it a training and competition venue in partnership with the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

South Rock is the first district to be developed during Phase 1. This area will branch off East Whitestone Boulevard onto Copper Rock Road and feature a mix of retail, offices, and a movie theater. Described as a hub for casual dining and entertainment with an edgy twist, South Rock will be adorned with murals paying homage to the Indigo Project. A magnificent heritage oak tree will anchor the Green Room district, providing a focal point for this vibrant area.

Green Room will be a sensory haven where sight, sound, touch, and taste converge. Winding paths will lead visitors through lush landscapes to various destinations, offering an organic feel that seamlessly integrates nature with architecture. Elevated dining terraces and live acoustic performances will enhance the tranquil ambiance, making the Green Room a key scenic destination within Indigo Ridge.

Karst, named after the limestone-rich landscapes, will serve as an open playground for children and a venue for live music festivals, performances, and public events like Christmas tree lightings. This district will also host farmer’s markets and food trucks, offering diverse culinary delights reminiscent of downtown Austin’s vibrant food scene.

Borho Street will be a narrow, pedestrian-friendly pathway off Copper Rock Street, lined with retail shops and dining options. Hotel guests overlooking Borho Street will enjoy views of the bustling social scene and various performances, capturing the cultural essence of Indigo Ridge. This district promises to be a lively area for shopping, dining, and social interactions.

Promenade, inspired by French elegance, will feature a grand staircase leading to a large water wall and an illuminated walkway with seating areas beneath the shops. This primarily pedestrian zone will connect to the main Indigo Ridge parking garage, offering a serene environment for relaxation after a shopping spree.

North Rock will primarily host residential units and a second movie theater. This district is designed to offer a peaceful living environment with easy access to the other vibrant districts. A park shaded by heritage trees will provide a beautiful, green space for residents to enjoy.

While details of the final district are still under wraps, the overall vision for Indigo Ridge is clear: to create a community that harmonizes the past, present, and future, fostering a healthy and vibrant lifestyle for all its residents and visitors. Inspired by developments like The Historic Pearl in San Antonio, Indigo Ridge aims to offer a unique blend of urban amenities and natural beauty.

Construction is slated to begin this fall, with the entire project expected to be completed by May 2026. “The whole idea is to create something that’s really unique,” said Todd Dailey, managing partner at Capella. “It’s not like a Domain, which is massive. We wanted it to be more quaint and really kind of aesthetic.”

What features are you most excited to see at Indigo Ridge? What shops and dining options do you hope will be available? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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