New Domain in Cedar Park

The largest Williamson County investment, rival to the Austin’s Domain and competition for Round Rock’s Sports Capital title is set to start construction soon. Off East Whitestone Boulevard (FM 1431) and Sam Bass Road, Cedar Park is constructing its biggest project yet. Along with the United States Tennis Association (USTA), this $1.5 billion project with 155 acres is dedicated to the development of what will be known as Indigo Ridge.

Construction will consist in multiple phases and will focus on preserving the greenery of the area. According to the site, Indigo Ridge will consist of 1.7 million square feet of office space, 240,000 square feet of retail offerings, residential options and 440,000 square feet for hotel space. Part of that space is also going to be dedicated to 40 outdoor tennis courts, 8 indoor tennis courts, and a stadium court to be used for training and competitions. It is not yet known how many phases of development there will be but planning details for the first phase has been released.

South Rock

During Phase 1, residents can expect development of 8 unique districts each with their own characteristics and personality. This first area will be known as South Rock. The start of the phase will branch off East Whitestone Boulevard to what will be called Copper Rock Road. The space will be divided around retail, offices and a movie theater. The Indigo Ridge site describes South Rock district as an area for casual dining and entertaining with a hint of edginess. Walls will be decorated with murals representing the homage of the Indigo Project. Behind the South Rock district is fantastic heritage oak tree that will be the focal point of the Green Room district.

Green Room

The Green Room district is the place where sight, sound, touch and taste combine into a sensory marvel. Paths will surround the many trees leading to various destinations. The area will tout an organic feel, seamlessly incorporating nature into the architect. As shown in some of the reference pictures, walls will be designed with plants and dining terraces located above the hustle and bustle of the pathways. Expect to hear and see live acoustic performances to complete the tranquil atmosphere. The Green Room will be one of many scenic destinations at Indigo Ridge.


The Karst district, meaning landscape with characteristics produced by limestone, will be an open land playground for kids to run around while parents enjoy chatting and dining. This area will also be used for live musical festivals and performances, and public events like Christmas tree lighting. Farmer’s Markets and food trucks will also make an appearance around this area. If the food trucks are anything like the ones in downtown Austin, then expect some tasty treats.

Borho Street

Off the new main road of Copper Rock Street will be a narrow pathway for walking and social interactions. This close quarters street called Borho street will stretch along an array of retail shops and dining. Overlooking this street, guests staying in one of the planned hotels will be able to view all the social interactions and performances from the comfort of their rooms. This will be a great location for a hotel as guests will not have to go far to experience the culture that will be Indigo Ridge.


Promenade meaning walk in French will embody what the French culture is known for. Promenade will empathize beauty by featuring a large water wall when descending a grand staircase. This staircase then leads to an illuminated walkway furnished with seating beneath the shops. This will be a perfect place to relax at the end of a shopping trip or even just a peaceful area to enjoy being outside. This primarily pedestrian entrance will connect to the main Indigo Ridge parking garage.

North Rock

North Rock district will contain residential units and another movie theater. Here is where most of the housing/living development seems to be planned. It will be located more towards the back of all the development but still be easy access to the other districts. North Rock will also include a park. This park will be in front of the residential units and will be shaded by heritage trees.

There is one more district planned but there is no information yet. From what we know about Indigo Ridge, we expect to experience something jaw dropping. Indigo Ridge is a community focusing on combining the present with the future. This forward thinking is to promote the healthy lifestyle for its’ shoppers and residents reminding them of what was, to where they are now.

What are you hoping to see in the Indigo Ridge? What stores and dining do you think, or hope will be available? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think!


Indigo Ridge